Frame of LOVE


Sir, within a day of using the symbols you told me to use, i.e. Love and Joy (Symbols 66 and 67), I could find a marked difference in my state of mind.

It moved into positivity, calm and loving kindness to all including all who I felt had injured me so much that I felt quite silly about any anger I was holding.

Thank you very much.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sayani chowdhury

    respected sir my name is sayani . i have a boyfrind we both love each other very much want to marry .there is no problems in our family but the problem is that we donot have any stable job.currently my boyfriend is apply some goverment service exam and i am also tried , but r studing too much hard but cannot achieve success. our parents told if we dont get a good job we can not marry. plz sir help me

  2. S.S.Gajalakshmi

    Pls I want peaceful life number repetition

  3. S.S.Gajalakshmi


  4. In my system love is 17. which 1/17 is 0.05882352941176470 so that’s the physicalities5(or forms5) certainty8 remains coherent8(or stable8) and remains unified with Christ23 existences5 nature’s2 which are remembered9 by the soul4 from the beginning11 of it’s connection7(or relationships7) to(or within or through) it’s life6… The reason for this being love is because it’s a promise that you will remain in proper working order and remain true to yourself. Which means that you will be taken care and remain true to yourself as long as you trust in Christ which has nothing to do with Jesus or the religion of Christianity. Christ23.(4 to 22 of the 23) is the foundation of humanity and the whole reason that this world has things that can live together in harmony. Jezabel is the reason for the severity being put into nature, it would’ve been paradise if they didn’t sacrifice Bell to Jezabel((-3)(-7)(-6)(-4)(-23)) and call him Lucifer122 and then steal his hands and give them to Egypt463 and Akkad274. Numbers 1 through to 11 are some of the most disturbing things to personify with a ka(14.4427),4.6,4.5,4.2,4.82,4.112175) (the definitive character of a thing or group of things, when it’s only one thing it will certainly be made to become generative in others

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