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Introduction to Power Life Symbols

Benefits of Using Power Life Symbols

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2 Recall-During-Exam

12 Praise

32 Reform-Person

47 Broken-Relationship

48 Stability

50 Relationship-Bond

66 Love

96 Regain-Employment

  1. sir tell me the power life symbol to remove stress

  2. Sir,
    Do we have symbol for luck, success.

  3. please suggest any symbol or words to avoid people of not good character

  4. revathi
    chant ruby help when they come

  5. naranji, please tell me the symbol to break the relationship ( may be husband wife, relatives, son etc for ever

  6. guruji who ever may be the people sisters, brothers, relatives who have eaten in my hand have turn back and they have broke the relationship and they have created a bad image in the society. it is very odd in life if they do like this.

  7. Dear sir!
    I am struggling for speak other language. especially english. i went to several spoken classes, i learn very well grammer and all. i understand very well what others speak, but i can’t reply that same language.that time i got fear and my mind is words are not coming, i speak little and poor words. so i feel very ashame. if any remedy suggest me.

    Thank you sir.

  8. GG
    Takye the flower remedies ELM LARCH CERATO

  9. greetings,
    sir which can i use to gain profits in share market. kindly suggest . i have already purchased the cards set from ur center. Kindly suggest sir and even mantra to chant.

  10. sree,
    you can use symbol 68 specifically for share market.
    develop prosperity consciousness: write 21 times daily for 108 days:TOGETHER GIVE COUNT CIRCULATE DIVINE

  11. thankyou sir,

    Sir one doubt , Do i need to write my name in the empty circle or the company’s name of which shares i purchased.


  12. Hi Naran,

    We stay in a bungalow and since the past 10 years there has been an acute scarcity of water supply. We stay on the 1st floor of the bungalow and have to fetch water from the ground floor everyday early in the morning. There was a time in the past when we had abundant water supply through the taps on our floor, but nothing since 10 years. We have tried all ways and means to get the supply reinstated. We even built an underground water tank, but even that does not get any water supply. Please suggest a remedy so that the water supply problem is solved and we get water on the first floor.


  13. Dear Sir,

    Could you please explain what Power symbols and it use with Switchwords.

    Also how to use switchwords with EFT. do we need to just TAP at each point including Karathe chop or simply Tapping at each point will do.


  14. Sir what is the symbol for weight loss and the words associated with it and the method to follow

  15. whats the chant for symbol 81 and 82?

  16. Hi, my husband and I faced many losses since my father in law died ( our business, all saving, we moved blindly in other countries) many times also we arguing badly in this moment we had a lot of debt earned money slipping through hand and he started playing to casino. Please help us for our problems. Namaste

  17. Hi, i always adore others. I feel i need to improve a lot as i childish. My husband is not happy as I’m not responsible and smart, so i always I’m not good. Pls help me

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