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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Namaskar guruji
    Sir in my blood relation my sis is angry with me sir how to make her talk with me and be happy

  2. H

  3. sir my brother is not interested in going to work, neither he earns, he swindles money from my mother, how to make him interest in working, he is double degree graduate.

  4. Naran Sir,

    One of my relative’s daughter was separated from her husband. Her 1st son was mentally prepared for parent’s separation.
    Her 2nd son wanted the parents to get back together.

    Suddenly I met my relative. She wanted to do some chantings so that her daughter and son-in-law get back together.

    I gave her print out of 47 Broken-Relationship symbol and told her to write her daughter’s, and her husban’d name and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

    After chanting was done for few days her daughter and husband got back together and decided to work out things between them for the sake of their 2nd son.

    Now my relative wants to continue chanting for some more time so that her daughter and son-in-law stay together.

    Should she should still see 47 Broken-Relationship symbol and chant Together Divine

    or will you suggest any other Power Symbol and chanting?

  5. GS
    continue the same.
    In addition, chnt BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE. symbol 4 and 5 can be used

  6. Dear Naran Sir,

    I am working in a construction company which deals with furniture, construction of flats, modular kitchen importing etc., Its a startup company,Kindly suggest me a mantra or switch word to help my company grow financially and give us salaries well. sir my perious company boss is one of the partners in this company . I really want to help them and help myself along with other empoyee’s.

    Kindly suggest sir. What ever they are planning is finalized but nothing moving when its coming to execution even fund flow also i think.One of my madam will meet you when you come to hyd when you come here. till then kindly suggest me sir.

  7. Sir, am married for ten years, having eternal struggle with my husband. he argues eternally for everything from small thing to big things, even when he is perfectly wrong, even when he knows he is wrong, he argues. Argues and pushes someone to exhausted. Am now filled with anger, and rage, cant control my anger. I feel he does not understand much and feel why i got myself with this relationship. Have lost control of myself, my mind. My emotions are totally dried up. Dont feel anything towards him. Even if he does something good for me I hate it now. Am so fed up.
    Please help me sir

    • Vidhya,

      Do not worry. Everything will be allright.
      Take up the following power life symbols:
      1) 66 – develop love for ur husband
      2) 50 – broken relationship
      3) buy bach flower remedy from the centre for having patience: Impatiens and Cherryplum


  8. Dear Naran sir,

    I have a question on power life symbols. Can I use the Power life symbol 2 for my son and keep it under his pillow for improving his studies


    • I have used it for one of my students, who is too lazy to study. He started doing well. Unless he is prepared he doesn’t want to have a class. If he has understood the subject he wants me to cancel the class.

  9. Dear Naran Sir,
    Presently Im engaged in a big deal, what mantra should be chanted for the successful transaction. ( sir im taking high risk for this unsecured investment ) now the deal is going and hope wil finish by 10 – 20 days. pls help me in this regard.Presently Im chanting ” Find Devine Order Count Now Done “

  10. Dear Naran sir,
    You had asked me to chant over symbols 12 & 32. I am doing it. I got the full set of power symbols. My problem is my 17 year old son. He is in sports so does serious exercise for an hour and half. He has to have bath, will not ! Has to eat will not eat anything I make. So got a cook, ate for a few days but stopped eating that also. Every day it’s a nightmare , what you want to eat? I don’ t know, will tell in 2 minutes. If I ask a third time he gets SO ANGRY. And does not eat anything and says you are ruining my life. As he is so hungry he gets angry. Then breakfast, lunch also he skips. Why is he having such. An attitude towards food. I just do not know what to do. This food issue is taking it’s toll on me & my husband. Please help.

    • until naran sir replies you..
      read this

      Give him CHICORY, CHERRY PLUM and VINE – each three doses, daily for one month. The reason for giving remedies: Chicory for demanding, Cherry Plum for uncontrolled behavior and A Vine child will not obey. He gets angry and become physically violent.

    • preeti,
      you can do this prayer also…
      If a child is not listening, do the strengthening of cord at solar plexus and heart.

      Affirm, “Violet Flame! Clear Cleanse Transmute the Cord between Me and My Child at Solar Plexus Chakra. Make It Flexible, Healthy, Brighter, And Radiant with Full of Colors” as many times as you can.

      Affirm, “Violet Flame! Clear Cleanse Transmute the Cord between Me and My Child at Heart Chakra. Make It Flexible, Healthy, Brighter, And Radiant with Full of Colors” as many times as you can.

  11. Hello Naran Sir! my little sister is studying M.Tech final year. I have two concerns here. please please please please help me….
    1) her final year project is not being approved by her HOD. also during her project my mother met wth an accident. so she she cudnt concentrate well on the project. later on her HOD is not approving it. now after all the hardwork she says she doesnt want to complete it and has lost interest. she is a very bright student. always scoring above 90%. now she has a backlog and a pending project.
    2) my parents want her to get married. my marriage is going very well (i posted abt it in othr blog) and tht is playing on everyone’s mind. so thy are worrid if thy can find a good match for her. so kindly suggest what i an do for my sister so she can complete her M.Tech and also find a suitable alliance. she is currently working as a lecturer in her Engg. college. please do help. I thank u in advance Naran Sir.

  12. Sir Pranam…can u kindly advise if chanting AMETHYST will activate clairvoyance…? Or what do u advise..
    Many THX..

  13. My gay boyfriend and I am engaged to be married ,but he seems to be distancing himself from me lately and going out till late after work before coming home.he spend less time with me but with his friends and family. I love him and need him to change his ways

  14. Want to help my husband in getting a new and deserving job

  15. Dear Naran Sir, I am unemployed for 2 years now but by the grace of God I had saved to manage until now. I would like to start my own work and be able to help people. I would also like to get remarried ( I had a divorce 9 years ago). I would like to rediscover and maintain Inner Freedom , Financial stability and a Nurturing family life. Please can you suggest Chants and Symbols , which I can use to move towards a better life and living.

    Thank you very much for the work you do and may you be abundantly blessed always.

  16. I always had a dream of marrying a rich man
    But I happen to fall in love with this simple man
    We had very good relationship for 4 months but then he had some family problems
    What should I chant so that all those hurdles disappear

  17. Hi… I recently learnt about switchwords through a friend. please could you Help with my marriage fixed.same thing has been happening to me since 10 years. I get proposals but they donot materialise. So pls help with getting things fixed up with the same one or two good proposals that I have. For more proposals and also Pls suggest something whereby the sane guys say yes and things get better.

  18. Hi Naran Sir,

    It’s a continuous pattern with me that whomever i like, they don’t want to take relationship further. There is this girl i am in love with, we share a great bonding but she doesn’t feel for me or maybe she has something in her mind which she is not sharing because of which even our friendship is getting affected day by day.
    I am also not able to concentrate on my exam which i have in one month.
    can you please suggest something for improving my love life and also something so that i can able to concentrate on my studies.

  19. Sir
    I incurred heavy loss in share trading
    I hav used family money for this.
    Tell me how to recover the losses

  20. Dear Naran,

    Thank you for all the wisdom and information you are sharing to help others. I have PTSD since I was 7yrs old, discovered it when I had a crisis at 29.

    Please suggest symbols, mantra, remedy for PTSD , especially the disassociation that comes with it. I can barely control the muscles in my body.

    Thank you


  21. Dear Naran,
    I need to purchase the power life symbol for financial breakthrough. In the blogs it is indicated as symbol 81 but I cannot not locate it. Please assist. Thank you.



  22. Dear Naran,

    Do these switchwords actually change the wrong things happening in our life.. can we heal broken relationships.. please suggest switch word for the same..

  23. Hello Sir this is the 5th time i am failingin CA Inter exams and i also reappearing in Nov 2017 my problem is i forget what i learn very quickly and also go blank in the exam hall…i am not able to concentrate…please help

  24. Hello Sir,

    I was in a relationship for 10 years and after 2 years fo marriage we got divorced. I fell in love woth someone but due to family restrictions there may not be a future although we are in communication. This keeps me disturbed and anxious about marriage and future. I am also gaining weight and feeling depressed.

    On a professional front I am working in the same company since 4 years I am due for a promotion and salary correction but it is getting delayed or not optimal as per my hardwork and efforts.

    Please help.

    Thank you in advance.

  25. Dear Sir, My father in law is hospitalised, in ICU. His heart is working 35% only and pulse rate between 120-130. His kidneys, liver and lungs are also compromised. Platelet count has come down to 66000. Please help

  26. Neetta Karkhanis

    I hope to get justice in the court case that I now have to file for sexual harassment.
    The company’s committee after three years of complaint , said my accusation was not pieced and that it was fabricated. Now I could face a defamation notice from that man.
    ( A senior pilot )
    What do I do to let truth prevail and To get justice ?

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