Introduction to Power Life Symbols

Power of Kanji Symbols

Kanji symbols are not like letters found in other languages, which can be strung together to form words.

In fact, every Kanji symbol depicts an idea (or word).  Kanji symbols are basically pictograms or ideograms.

Because they are pictograms, they can convey the idea to the subconscious mind easily.

Stability can be found easily

One day a client of Naran phoned up and said his company is sending out most of the people. However, he wanted to continue working there. He wanted his management to retain him because at his age he cannot find another job easily.

From his expressions, Naran found that he wanted stability. He gave him a stability symbol (48) and asked him to paste it on the chair that he sits in the office.

Till now the client is continuing in the same company, even after retrenchment of so many of his colleagues.

When he kept the stability symbol under his pillow, he found extraordinary feeling of stability. Probably that changed attitude of him has helped him to save his job.

Refer the link to know and use the stability symbol:


Researching on Symbols with Switch Words

This encouraged Naran to collect and experiment with various symbols for different life situations.

While doing this research, he found out that symbols can be combined with the most popular switch words too. He found this increased the power of switch words in multiples.

He feels using these symbols along with the chanting of switch words can help so many of us in so many of life situations.

Combining switch words with symbols

Switch words with Power Life Symbols is a unique, unknown and untried healing method introduced by Naran. Both the symbols and the switch words can impact our sub-conscious mind.

All of us know how switch words can be used for various life situations. Sometimes, we get 100% and sometimes we don’t. In those areas where it is not working, we can complement them by energizing them with symbols.

Thus, the Symbols – Kanji (Chinese and Japanese) compliment, and supplement the power of switch words.

The features of this method

  • It is a simple technique that even a 10-year-old child can learn it.
  • No need to learn, practice or remember the symbols.
  • One can use them by simply looking at, by keeping it under the pillow or carry it in their pocket. You can energise the symbols by placing the crystals on them.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thankyou Naran Sir, that was an excellent class you offered us. I thank Divine and you for letting me attend that class of yours.

  2. dear naran sir,
    i have to thank you so much sir.when ever i’m disturbed or emotionally unstabled or confused immediately i use to open ur blog and there would be some message for me.
    as i told you before i’m a parents started looking for next marriage.everything went well suddenly the groom side doesnt show any interest.every time we call him he said confusion.even my marrige date itself postponed.actually its on june 12th.i do know wat to do.and my age is

  3. m
    chant scleranthus impatiens together divine

  4. guruji my husband always abuse why means when ever i walk i bent a little. for this reason he always says hunch back and all his sisters also does this . i am fed up by this word. please tell me any word or symbols to walk straight.

  5. roopa
    chant BE BUUBLE UP

  6. radha narayanan

    I purchased the power life symbols, what symbol to be used to get good health-i was in the pink of my health 4 years ago ,after that i have never managed to be healthy.i am so tired that i plan to exercise but next day never get up and the cycle continues.
    Please advise.
    RAdha Narayanan

  7. Hi,

    Where can i buy this power life symbols pack from, please help as unable to find any link on the blog

  8. can we download the power life symbol & take a print & do healing or shall we have to buy it

  9. Anupriya Nagavel

    From Anupriya Nagavel,
    Me and my husbund really wanted to buy a own home. I wrote the followig : Walnut-Chestnutbud-Impatiens-Cerato-Gentian-Mimulus-Find-Divine-Sweet Chestnut – Home – Thanks on small bits of paper and stuck tthem on the walls of each room. Within a few days we finalised a home and registered it. Naran has mentioned that flower remedies and switch words vibrate and work even when we write and stick their names on our home walls. This was miraculous. I am grateful to the flower remedies and switch words and I am always grateful to Naran.

  10. Anupriya Nagavel

    From Anupriya Nagavel,
    I am a girl who loves to live in spacious homes. But due to financial reasons , I had to shift to a smaller home(rented). But I somehow made up my mind to shift to a bigger home after three years. I wrote down : I release my desire to live in a spacious home, I release my desire to live in a home with good air flow throughout and read it everyday with Akaash mudra(thumb touching the tip of middle finger). I also kept this mudra and chanted Om Hum Namaha whenever I could. Naran Sir has mentioned that Hum creates space within us and therfore outside us. My husband was searching for our new home and suddenly he showed me this home which was really spacious and comfortable. I had also chanted Mimulus and so the rent for it was also very affordable for us for such a big home! My husband who did not have a project in hand that time, a new prject was also finalised for him (after the home was finalised ) and his job was safe and secure. Naran Sir told me that Hum creates space within us and makes us available to recieve money also. What a lucky girl am I to know about all the mysterious easy ways of Naran sir’s way’s of dealing with our life issues. Thank you SIR! My whole family is grateful to you as we keep getting benefited with all your healing methods. You are a precious boon to this world!

  11. Hello sir
    A friend of mine is in major debts
    His financial problams have been increasing to the extent that his father got an attack
    He again got into more debts for his treatment
    Whatever he tries is not working
    Their property ,jewellery,cash all sold to save father
    Now no money for further medicine,food.. Basic needs
    What power symbols or switch words or healings can be done for improving families financial status and happiness back

  12. Yogita Shrikant Rawat

    The writeup is self explanatory. However the symbols are not seen. Would like to See some symbols.

  13. Yes Yogi ta symbol 81 and 82

  14. Sir , my son is working inn a BPO company since 7 years. He is not getting promotion. His juniors have become his bosses. Plz help . Also that he gets into the administration section with promotion and increment. A worried mother.

  15. Sir,
    My son, though going to be 20, still not feeling responsible. and not feeling like he has to take up job and help me. He is dependent on financially and also not obedient. Please suggest swift words. Also for my promotion as I’m stuck in my current position since long. Naran Sir, please help.

  16. Hi Sir,
    I am 32,My parents had been searching for marriage proposal for past 5 years.I am not satisfied with any of the proposal that I saw.I saw two proposals as per my desire which also did not go well and got blocked.Since I am 32 my parents compel me to get married though I did not like the proposal but I am not able to do so. I want to get married happily not under compulsion. The astrologers say that Sun in 7th and Saturn in 8th are reasons.I am Libra. Sun Moon Mercury Venus are in 7th house.Saturn in 8th house.They suggested few remedies which also we did and went to temples.Pls suggest me remedies to get a proposal as per my desire and get married happily as soon as possible.

  17. Respected Sir ! My son is 20 yrs . Studying in 2nd yr college . He is just not responsible according to his age . He does not listen to Us at all . He has no routine . He sleeps very late , gets up very late . Snd whole day he is glued to his cell phone . If we say anything he gets angry n agrressive . He is just not listening. Sir pls help 🙏🙏

  18. Respected Sir . Pls advise some remedy and switch word for my son that i can chant . He is 20 yrs but does not listen to us at all . He is not bothered about his health n studies also . Pls help. He is addicted to his phone .

  19. Hello Sir Namaste,I have purchased power Symbols manual online. Symbols does not have second circle where you have told to write persons name. What should I do?Should I write name inside yellow circle with symbol or manually draw arrow and circle.
    Thank you in advance.

  20. Aadarshini,Anika and Laya Krishnan's Morning Inspirations .

    What should I chant for getting a good army Male friend and a life partner who will understand my temperament and motivate me to reach heights for remarriage .
    2 what should I chant for becoming a good writer and a teacher.
    Thanks for posting such blog .
    Jai Hind

  21. NARAN sir
    My husband is a real estate consultant and even after putting so much efforts and working hard, something happens and eventually the deal gets cancelled. it’s repeated again and again we are losing hope now This is going on for about a year now and this business being the only source of our income makes it even more difficult. Please let me know if there’s any solution to this problem. we need a large amount of money to get out of the debt as we took money from people for basic needs . now i am too worried how we will survive as not a single property deal done in past one year As many deal canclled even after completing paper work .My husband is very kind and honest person worship THE LORD SHIVA everyday. I am a housewife i am helpless recently I am chanting LALITHAM mantra please guide us what can we do to come out of this situation. eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thanks &Regards

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