66 Love

Just look at the symbol for love for as many times as possible.

66 Love


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. to get married with suitable partner, which symbol should be used , marriage or love and for how many days .

      WRITE this with left hand in a notebook daily 3 times

  2. Naran sir
    Please bless me with power symbol to attract more customer to increase sale in my business.

  3. Sir
    Due to heavy periods 3 times in one month,doctor has referred me for ultrasound of pelvic.
    Before this I never had any problem regarding periods.i am already 46.
    While reading on Internet about symptoms I am very much scared about results of diagnose.

    But I also accept I do have many causes of anger with my husband which are never healed by myself nor tried to heal by my husband with love because he never never accepts his mistakes.i do love my parental family more than in laws because of so many bad memories.

    I do not want any major health issue.because I am only one to look after for myself and my kids.
    I wll wait for Your divine guidance.i am living in Germany.i do have set of Bach remedies,can chant as many times as per your advice.

  4. Ruby
    Take the flower remedies Mimulus pine rescue remedy.

  5. Naranji,
    The power symbol 66 do we write ourselves on paper and meditate…or sir the yellow circle with something written in red on your Blogs do we have to print the same and meditate on that yellow circle? With an arrow showing to another circle sorry sir I have not understood
    And am keen to change my relationship with my husband to total love and harmony, because most times he is always angry with me.. As I do sometimes make mistakes for which I immediately say sorry.. But still. Sir I really want to change everything to LOVE
    And make him happy and calm (I also know he loves me a lot.. But things tend to go wrong and out of hand. Sometimes)
    Please advice
    Thanks a ton for everything…

  6. ishah
    downloa a picture of two swans with their necks entwined..Keep it under your pillow and your hasband’s
    in the morning or evening look at the picture, and chant “Together divine”:

  7. Dear Respected sir Naranji CAn this swan pictures used for any two persons?(daughter and mother,father and son,daughter inlaw and mother inlaw etc etc?? OR just for LOVERS AND HUSBAND and WIFE ONLY??THANKS

  8. Dear Sir MOHANJI/NARANJI please reply can Love Symbol 66 be used for anybody who is not in good relationship…kids with parents, for inlaws love,etc etc…DIVINE THANKS

  9. wot will b d sw for getting a magical lover ?

  10. My boyfriend broke up with me some months ago we were supposed to get married but he got a job in Dubai we were going to live there but after some time alone there he just finished the relationship even when he said he still loved me. I can’t live without him I am sure our couple was made in heaven, please help me, what can I do to be together again and get married.

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