48 Stability

Use this symbol for Stability, Firmness, Strength, and Security

While looking at the symbol, chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”

 48 Stability


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. guruji please tell symbols for 81 and 82

  2. Dear Sir, kindly help me with the chanting’s for 81 and 82 symbols. Sir, which reiki symbols can be used for energizing while healing .

    for vitality symbol kindly help me with reiki symbol as my sister is suffering from heart problem.

    Thankyou sir

  3. Dear sir,
    I have been sick since 1990 & I am only manage to recover about 60%, still under treatment. It seems that I am suffering due to black magic. Please give me a good solution/product
    recommendation. For your knowledge, my date of birth is 26/2/1969 @ 1.22pm.

    • Hi,
      1) Read the Forgiveness book/Buy the forgiveness CD from the center.
      2) Buy Flower remedies: Impatiens and Cherryplum to be patient.
      3) Buy Durga Durgama Doshita CD. Listen to the CD with headphones. Plus at home keep a bottle of water in front of the DVD player while playing this CD. The water bottle gets energized. Drink this water.


  4. Could you please upload, the symbol pack on 1minyoga.com as pdf document so we can download, We can take the printout of the same and cut each of them as card, choose them accordingly.

  5. Namaskaram Sir,
    Can you please let me know SW for job. My husband is not feeling interested to go to job. In the last job he was laid off. Please help me.

  6. Blank circle kyon diya hai

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