50 Relationship-Bond

The symbol develops bond between two people.

Write the names of the people who need to be bonded in the empty circle.

Chant the switch words “TOGETHER DIVINE”

50 Relationship-Bond


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. can i write a name of a person whom i love and wish to marry.

  2. Dear Naranji,

    Can I put names of more than one couple in the circle whose relationship needs to be bonded or do it separately for each and every couple….


  3. my brother’s wife is having an affair with another person and now she doesnt want to continue her married life and they r having 2 children, please let me know the remidy

  4. pratiksha bhatia thiya

    pratiksha here. I am marwadi and i was in a relationship with a malyali guy since 2011 and we both wanted to marry each other. my family was against my marriage with dat guy especially my dad my mom was ok with it we married secretly in court then we told everyone before marriage my mother in law was good she was fine with our marriage but after marriage she troubles me a lot she keeps on telling negative things to my husband about me and my husband doesn’t even understand. she wants a house on her own name and she wants me and my husband to pay money for it. she takes away my whole salary doesn’t even give me some money for my personal expenses she takes away the whole salary of my husband too i want to live with my husband in a house pls suggest some chants so dat me and my husband automatically takes me to live separately..

  5. Respected Sir
    My name is Rashmi nd my naveen is myhusband we are married since 15 years nd one son 13 years old. But my husband is addicted of girls he is having my girls friends firstly he talks nd meet them outside nd we was not aware of that.after death of father in law he starting bringing them home talking them online in front of me. My son is grown up he is asking questions now pls sir help me save my marriage nd do something that he stop talking to each and every girl give some effective remedy. If you suggest me sime power symbol I will buy online from u. Bt pls help me sir its urgent

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