Husband not showing any interest


I have visited 2-3 astrologers. I am very scared about their predictions as all of them told me that there are 100% chances of separation/divorce in my marriage within next few days/months.

My situation is actually worst. I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE but not seeing any changes in my situation.

Now, after visiting astrologers I am very depressed as I just wanted to live my life happily without any such drastic changes.

Though my husband is not at all talking to me, not taking care and not at all showing any interest in me from day one of our marriage.

I still love him very much and wanted to live with him only.


Continue this.

There is one symbol number 47 to unite the broken relationship:

Write your husband’s name and your name in the empty circle, and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”.


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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir
    After getting the harmony pack from your center for my problems at home with my husband i was having a peaceful time until my Mother in law came to stay with us last week
    My husband has started showering all his attention to his mother and for small things has started arguing and insulting me. How do i overcome this. Will he never understand my feelings too. Please help me sir


  3. Thank you sir for the reply. I have started chanting the above. Things are not improving sir. My husband now threatening me that i should be out of the house because am not talking to my MIL.I dont go and talk to her but reply to whatever she says and i have not treated her with any disrepect but my Husband is accusing that i am illtreating her. We have a maid at home and my husband is saying that along with her am illtreating his mother. My MIL cant see me comfortable now that the maid is working well she has started blaming and complaining to my husband i dont know what to do sir what shall i do please help

  4. Hello Sir,

    Switch Word “CHOCOLATE” brought the bonding between the father and the child. It’s so great. The father and the son, father and the daughter would never go together. Always hate each other.

    Now, when these chits were put under the pillow, for the first time the son stayed with his father when the mother went out for some out station work. Ther had a wonderful time together.

    Thanks Naran Sir for the wonderful gift to bring the family members together. This is one of the major defect in every family in this new generation.

  5. Hello Sir,

    Recently after reading the POWER LIFE SYMBOLS section , I was very eager to try it out. Immediately bought it and started trying out on various situations. Expecting a few more results.

    Father and the daughter never met, spoke to each other. The daughter wanted to move out of the house as she is grown up now. She was feeling very bad for not getting the love from the father. Also, I gave the symbols “66, 50” for the whole family.

    The wife was badly hurt emotionally as she was not getting any love and effection from her husband. I just wrote the names in the circles and kept it with me. Still not handed over to them. Hardly 6 days, the wife calls me back and asked me what I had done? She was asking if I done any black magic. I was laughing for myself.

    Thanks again to unite a family which was about to land up in the court for a DIVORCE case. Naran Sir, thank you so much for saving my freinds’ family which was pending for more than 25 years.

    thanks once again.

  6. Dear Naran,
    I love your website, im a simple man and my wife overspends on luxuries and shopping constantly because she wants to be like her lady friends who are very rich, knowing that I do not have enough money she has money fever since last year, please advise solution so she understanding my financial issues and spends within her limits

  7. Hi Naranji,

    There is a lot of issues going on between me and my husband after the birth of my child 2.5 years back. He always turns to another female friend and spends time with them saying that they have some issues where they need a friend and that he is just doing his duty.

    Some 3 months back he just told me tht bec I get angry and shout when im upset he does not love me anymore. He is only being with me for out child.

    Can you please help me in this. Also would like to know how many times do we have to chant the chants.


  8. Naranji, Need a help. My friend is going through a tough marriage . He almost abandonded his parents to keep his wife happy in his 8 years marriage . Things are still bad and now the lady wants to go back to her parents for ever . They have a son which he wants to keep with him and also wants an easy divorce . Looking at the family background of the lady he is scared about loosing the child and lot of tensions. His wish is to divorce his wife but keep his son and a easy non messy divorce. Can you suggest a switch word for this and also can some one else chant these switch words in his behalf


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